Little Bridges Geocaching Series

A National Themed Geocaching Series

A series of geocaches placed nearby to small footbridges.
The series can be added to by any geocacher by applying for a series number

We currently have 2961 Caches and 256755 Found Logs, 15117 Did Not Finds and 25 Cachers attending Events in our database


What is the Little Bridges Series?

The Little Bridges series was started by Stanthews in 2009 to highlight small footbridges in remote parts of Wiltshire. Since then the series has been expanded by others all over the country and starting to spread fast.

Damian from Winter Foxes created and updated the stats for the initial list of cachers who had found 10 or more little bridges. This was then taken over and moved to its current wordpress site by Fred (Bloodsock) which was handed over to Daren (BillieTheCat) for updates and maintenance before this new wesbite was created.

If you would like to add to the series, please contact Stan here and he will give you a number for your bridge, to qualify, the bridge must be a foot bridge too small for vehicles.

Please make sure your title exactly matches “Little Bridges # xx then name” including spaces so it will get picked up and added to the Stats page.


Little Bridges thanks...

  • Thanks to Stan (Stanthews) for coming up with the vision in the first place and ensuring we all walk miles into the wilderness in search of plastic pots.
  • Damian (Winter Foxes) for creating the first listing and making the series appealing to the masses.
  • Fred (Bloodsock) for taking on the baton and improving the listing page.
  • Simon (Bristolian) for creating the profile images and making them available to use.
  • Daren (BillieTheCat) for running the stats occasionally.
  • SideTrackedChris (formerly known as bus.stop) for his hard work in producing this new website and stats pages.